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All about IceTeaPT

I Love Ice Tea
Me in 5 words :
Ice Tea and Chest Farm
Birthday :
Age :
Zodiac :
Chinese Zodiac :
Country :
Registered on :
Posts :
Full access to core GW2 :
Full access to core GW2
Access to Heart of Thorns :
Heart of Thorns active
Access to Path of Fire :
No access to Path of Fire
Server :
Seafarer's Rest
Character(s) name(s) :
Ice Tea Pt
World completion :
At least one character with world completion
PvP Rank :
Rabbit (1/9 PvP rank)
PvP Division :
Gold (3/5 PvP Division) [during current/recently ended league season]
Legendary equipment :
I never had any legendary in my inventory
Mastery Rank Mastery Rank :
Personal Fractal Level Personal Fractal Level :
Maxed out (400/500 level) crafting disciplines :
Armorsmith Armorsmith :
Yes, I have 500 level of Armorsmith
Artificer Artificer :
I don't have max out Artificer
Chef Chef :
Yes, I have 400 level of Chef
Huntsman Huntsman :
I don't have max out Huntsman
Jeweler Jeweler :
I don't have max out Jeweler
Leatherworker Leatherworker :
I don't have max out Leatherworker
Scribe Scribe :
I don't have max out Scribe
Tailor Tailor :
Yes, I have 500 level of Tailor
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith :
I don't have max out Weaponsmith

Rank: Graduate
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