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All about JoannaBanana

Jean Green.7208
“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are - or, as we are conditioned to see it.”
Me in 5 words :
TV shows, atheist, bi, pizza
Birthday :
Age :
Zodiac :
Chinese Zodiac :
Country :
Job/field of study :
Hobby/talents :
writing, winning contests
Hogwarts House :
Cigarettes? :
hated, don't you dare smoke around me
Alcohol? :
just water, rarely Pepsi
Coffee? :
I prefer sleep
Weed? :
nah, but not an enemy
Cooking? :
disliked, poor skilled, let's order pizza
Favorite film genre/s :
comedy, definitely comedy
Link to chosen song :
statistically more into men, but bi
Relationship? :
in flames
Kids? :
maybe one day adopted, probably avoided as hell
Pets? :
gimme a dog pls... no, don't, I'm too irresponsible for any pets
Sports? :
casual (and loved) dancing, chess, tried archery - suck at it, tried horse riding - wanna learn better
Religion? :
... is a fascinating page on human's history / atheist
Dreams? :
a lot of money, charismatic celebrity, good health, hot monogamy and fabulous horse riding skills
Disabilities? :
anxiety, short-sightedness (sometimes glasses, usually contact lenses), poor stamina, low blood pressure, insane PMS mood swings, overall very healthy
More about me :
Registered on :
Posts :
Server :
Far Shiverpeaks
Character/s name/s :
Joanna Banana (necro)
Jack Septic Eye Two (mes)
Jennifer Break (engi)
Keirra Shepherd (thief)
Insecure Annie (guard)
Czerwony Kapturek (necro)
Learie (ele)
Lexa Yumi Caroline (war)
Arwen The Achangel (ranger)
Favorite GW2 activities :
WvW, PvP, SW farm (especially while watching YouTube or TV shows at the same time), decorating guild hall, socializing games (e.g fashion shows), jumping puzzles, role playing, staring at my sexy character, Triple Trouble, Dragon Ball, Wintersday and Southsun Survival. <3
World completion :
At least one character with world completion
PvP Rank :
Dragon (9/9 PvP rank)
PvP Division :
Gold (3/5 PvP Division) [during current/recently ended league season]
Legendary equipment :
I had legendary in my inventory
Achievement Points Achievement Points :
18,000 - 19,000
WvW Rank WvW Rank :
Silver Colonel (1,120)
Mastery Rank Mastery Rank :
150 / 186150 / 186
Full access to core GW2
Heart of Thorns active
Path of Fire active
Maxed out (400/500 level) crafting disciplines :
Armorsmith Armorsmith :
I don't have max out Armorsmith
Artificer Artificer :
I don't have max out Artificer
Chef Chef :
Yes, I have 400 level of Chef
Huntsman Huntsman :
Yes, I have 500 level of Huntsman
Jeweler Jeweler :
Yes, I have 400 level of Jeweler
Leatherworker Leatherworker :
Yes, I have 500 level of Leatherworker
Scribe Scribe :
Yes, I have 400 level of Scribe
Tailor Tailor :
Yes, I have 500 level of Tailor
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith :
I don't have max out Weaponsmith
How did you find Banana Academy? :
I came across this forum when searching for something else
Rank: Headmaster
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