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 The Mesmers Games

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Penguin Krewe
Penguin Krewe


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PostSubject: The Mesmers Games   Wed 03 Jan 2018, 00:31

“Lulu, did you write that post about The Mesmers Games yet?”

September 4 - tharen.8079 joins the guild
September 7 - greendreamer.1765 joins the guild
September 11 - darkphoenix.2106 joins the guild
September 21 - anabaena.3670 joins the guild
October 1 - sinia.4809 joins the guild
October 26 - bradies.5902 joins the guild
November 9 - ddriym.7580 joins the guild
December 30 - gentledoom.4512 joins the guild


Enough is ENOUGH!

Seems like there is an overflow of Mesmers in this Home, and it is time to find out which ones of them are just fake pink dolls and which ones are true masters of butterflies.

Therefore I am eager to announce:

The idea behind The Mesmers Games is none other than to find those of Mesmers who find themselves innately and extraordinarily developing in the arts of deception and illusion with the goal of confound, disorient and dumbfound their foes...


In other words: the best Mesmers of Home!!!

With this goal in mind: during The Mesmers Games you're gonna witness encounters in 3 specialization categories:

1) MIRAGE manipulation

2) TIME manipulation

3) CLASSIC manipulation

So make sure today that you'll sign up to participate in all of them (or the ones you are interested) and show us that you are the master of your category!

Who will be the master of Mirages? Chronomancers? Core Mesmers?

Will that be you? ... or THAREN?


The structure of the tournament is simple:
1. There will be 3 categories:
- mirage
- chronomancer
- core mesmer
2. Each contestant can participate in all 3 categories.
3. 1vs1 eliminations until only two contestants will fight in the finals.
4. Any weapon set, build, amulet, runes or sigils are allowed.

5. The only rule is: to have the specialization DEMANDED, for each category... otherwise you will be disqualified.

"How do I participate?"
To participate in the event: please send a pm to lugreen#1614 on Discord with your account name (for example greendreamer.1765) and  the categories you want to participate in (remember you can participate in all 3 of them, but it's perfectly normal if you don't want to spend that many time "pvping").

Remember that Mesmers specializations (Mirage and Chronomancer) are exclusive - only available with Guild Wars 2 expansions, meaning that you have to own them to be able to play each of those (Path of Fire for Mirage and Hearth of Thorns for Chronomancer).

You have time to sign up until 10 January.

"When this will be happening?"
The tournament will take place on Saturday 13 at 20:30 CET.
Don't forget to free your evening, so you can join us in this fiery event! Spectators are absolutely welcomed too!

”Where will this be happening?”
We will start gathering in the guild hall and after that we are going to open OUR OWN PVP ARENA!
(not to confuse with the guild arena inside the guild hall) and the event itself will be taking place there.

Don't worry, we will tell you how to join it. Happy

"But are we going to fight only for the thrill and excitement of Balthazar's art?"

Those who will rise above everyone else in each category will receive a prize!

A weapon that themes your category!
(click on the image for details)

Mirage reward:

Chronomancer reward:

Core Mesmer:

Important note: if it happens that a Homie wins 2 or all 3 categories that Homie will be able to pick ONE reward of their choice and the second runners from the remaining categories will receive another reward. Learn to share, kids!

"But... I wont win any combat. :'( Why should i participate?"
Don't worry, you can still come and join us! For the fun and having a good time! Besides: each participant will receive a "participant reward" - won't be much, but hey...! Still something! ^_^

For the name of FUN at the end of the tournament we will have a few extra matches!

Bonus 1:
This matches will be open for the winners of each category, so we'll establish who is the ultimate best Mesmer of Home - once and for all! (If someone wins 2 or all 3 categories: the second place will take part in it)

This bonus has also a bonus reward! (The best of them all in my opinion!)

Our Ultimate Best Mesmer of Home will receive a special rank on Discord and will have an option to use its unique PINK mesmer color!!!

Bonus 2:
Mesmer Battle Royale!

As you might have heard Your Warm Cozy Home is gathering Opal Orbs as we speak for an upgrade called "Free-for-All-Fighters", which we'll finish before The Mesmers Games will start. That will allow us for an epic final match in the Guild Hall: EVERYONE VS EVERYONE. The last one standing wins!

So after all this jibber-jabber there is one last thing to say...

Happy Mesmers Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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The Mesmers Games
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