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 Your Warm Cozy Lottery

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Joanna Banana
Penguin Krewe
Penguin Krewe

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Jean Green.7208

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PostSubject: Your Warm Cozy Lottery   Tue 05 Dec 2017, 22:00

Home presents Your Warm Cozy Lottery

1 gold = 1 entry

max 30 entries per person

depending of how many chances to win you wanna have (max 30) send matching number of gold to Joanna Banana
WITH YOUR ACCOUNT NAME in the body of in-game mail

winner takes all! 0% for the guild this month (we plan to repeat lottery each month)

winner will be randomly draw during the Christmas Party

Participants so far:
Tharen.8079 - 10 gold
Jean Green.7208 - 5 gold
greendreamer.1765 - 5 gold
(including numbers 3 and 33 when possible)
darkphoenix.2106 - 10 gold

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Your Warm Cozy Lottery
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