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 Secret Quaggan Event

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PostSubject: Secret Quaggan Event   Sun 26 Nov 2017, 20:12

"chilly nights and starry skies,
sparkling lights, a glimmering tree
reflected in your glowing eyes
Is this a present you brought me?"

It is that time of the year again: The days are getting shorter, snow is falling and a mysterious golem-shaped airship appears in the skies over Divinity's Reach. To celebrate these festive days, a Secret Coompanion shall bring you joy.

 What is Secret Quaggan?  

Secret Quaggan is basically a guild intern Secret Santa. You will be assigned to another participant and gift this person a lovely present. Someone else will then be your Secret Quaggan and do the same to you. It is prefered to be an in-game present, but if you are a talented creative mind it is also possible e.g. to draw your partner something (or do that as a small extra gift). The in-game items should at least have a value of 10 gold (5 dailies).

How it works:

  1. Write me a direct message on discord including your GW2-Accountname (for example: "NiNiNivek.9368") and a short (prefered creative) info text for your match. The info should give your matched guildie a rough idea/theme of what they could get you. The more interesting your text is, the more fun it will be for your giver to find something. So try not to write some kind of shopping list. Instead of that you could describe your character, what you are doing in-game, what you like and so on. Or you write a short story and roleplay a bit. Be creative!
    Example: "Dear Secret Quaggan, I am a little Sylvari who traveled alone through the deepest jungle. I tried to find some strange gems to craft a legendary weapon. But with the beginning of winter it got colder and colder everyday. After a while, I decided to come back and rest a bit in my home town during the festivities. So I write you to ask if you have anything which could help me on my journey. Maybe some kind of companion for my adventures? Your Pale Sylvari"
  2. Find your match a beautiful gift. Shortly after the registration is closed, you‘ll get an discord message with your partners name and their info text. Now it is your task to find a pretty present.
  3. Write a nice letter and Send your present. It would be great if you could do that during our christmas party (17th December). But if you can't join the festivity then please send your gift/s as close as possible before. That allows your match to open it together with everyone else under the big wintersday tree in the guild hall. I would recommend you to write your letter already before the party begins and save it somewhere, so that you're not under pressure to write anything in a short time.

Registration will close at late Saturday, December 9.
Matching right after that, so you will get your discord message not later than Sunday, December 10.

+++ Please remember to not send your present before
the Christmas Party (December 17) +++

Happy HooOoolidays!

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Secret Quaggan Event
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