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 About Your Warm Cozy Home

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Joanna Banana
Penguin Krewe
Penguin Krewe

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are - or, as we are conditioned to see it.”

Jean Green.7208

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PostSubject: About Your Warm Cozy Home   Tue 11 Jul 2017, 13:56

[work in progress]

Once Upon a Time... there was a guild. It was sexy, but not sexy enough. So then it became sexier. The end. content true story aww yey Onion Head 13 Onion Head 1 Mouse Girl 10

Rules HERE.

"btw, yeah, we're THC aka The House Council, we make sure people feel good 😂"

Discord wrote:
1) The House Council - couple of brainstorming people, discussing general things like this wall of text or applying to people ranks, or kicking problematic people or viewing servers audit log, promoting people or using other ultra fancy administration options. Those would be people who are interested in literally everything that guild is doing and being the most informed about stuff, and actually able to "council" any Home member, point them to the correct event commander etc. I'd propose Lulu, Loxi and Tom with me in this group, maybe also Max, but you'd have to start care about the forum, lol... so I'm not sure if you want this. : D
2) Regular Events Commanders - people like my bro commanding WvW, like Juan commanding raids, like Max commanding Hero Points runs or whatever else, like me commanding guild missions or like Tom commanding Quaggan Parties (but THC would have a peek on each organization group anyway, so ye)
3) Rare Events Managers - that might be very fluid group, as we don't have to force Regi, Daan or Kevin to constantly organize new stuff (although Regi has tons of ideas so he'd probably stick for a while).

”Uwierzyłam, że nas uratujesz ciociu Lyo! I nadal w to wierzę! Nigdy nie przestałam w ciebie wierzyć!”
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”you make gw2 cooler you know Wink
- JP, Golden Broods

”Its never a waste of time if you believe what you do is right”
- John, Drama Kingdom Virus

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- Raine, The Vortex Club

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About Your Warm Cozy Home
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