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 Silverwaste ChestFarm: Tipps & Tricks

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PostSubject: Silverwaste ChestFarm: Tipps & Tricks   Wed 04 May 2016, 14:13

Ola Deer Reader,

In this thread i will explain how you can make the most Gold out of your farmed Bags.

First at all: not all days are the same! To know for sure if its even worth opening and selling the materials on the same day, will help you a lot.

I.) Are there any special tricks or locations to open the bags?

The most important thing is that you should open your bags on a character between level 44-55.
Why on this level? Well, when you open the bags you'll want to salvage everything except Exotics. The materials you get from salvaging on this level are the most expensive ones. Because of the difference in value, it makes more sense to open bags on this recommended level and sell them. With the gold you earned you can then simply buy the materials you need. It's more fficient than opening the bags with a level 80 character.

Opening bags is not affected by Magic Find so it does not matter where you open them. Just go to your lucky spot in Tyria and open them. For example: You can find me in the Guild Hall when its Bag Opening Time for me.  Dancing Banana

II.)When do I sell the Materials I get out of the Bags?

I have watched the Trading Post for a long time before I even started to open my bags.
The following materials + minimum price for each is based on my own experience. When you see some of the materials listed over my minimum price, then it is definitely worth selling them Gold Monkey 3

The Majority of Tier3 materials are obtained by salvaging on a character between level 44-49.
The Majority of Tier4 materials are obtained by salvaging on a character between level 50-55.

[Tier3] Seasoned Wood : 3,55s
[Tier4] Hard Wood: 3,20s

[Tier3] Coarse: 4,20s
[Tier4] Rugged: 5,40s

[Tier3] Cotton: 4,30s
[Tier4] Linen: 5,40s

[Tier3] Iron: 2,50s
[Tier4] Platinum: 2,20s

PS: This Material Price List was created BEFORE the Patch on 19.04.2016, so at the Moment all Days are very good to Open and sell the Materials Soldier Baby 11
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Silverwaste ChestFarm: Tipps & Tricks
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