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 Guild Organization (including general rules)

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PostSubject: Guild Organization (including general rules)   Fri 08 Apr 2016, 05:22

Topic in construction!

But you can already learn a lot about everything during "Third Brood Initiations".

Message of the Day in Golden Broods panel from 25 June 2016 wrote:


Incoming events (CEST/GMT+2):
25 June, 20:00 - Third Broods Initiations
26 June, around 19:00 - Raids Training
27 June, 21:00 - PvE Night


Third Broods Initiations are currently held regularly on Fridays starting at 21:00 (CEST/GMT+2), but event can occur more often depending on queen's time. Members with the rank of a "Watcher" who want to stay in guild for longer are obligated to join this event once. You'll learn there about guild organization including ranks system and you'll be guided on your way to get the Third Brood rank. If from some reason time of this event is bad for you - contact the queen to set up indvidual time of your initiation: Jean Green.7208


You can learn about all other events and much more on our page (registration required for Third Brood rank):


fast script to fix

1. Guild Goals aka The Master Plan.

1.1. Supporting members with gold for:
- server changes,
- Scribing,
- commander tags,
- personal needs.
1.2. Rewarding members with gold and items for:
- irregular competitions e.g jumping puzzle races,
- regular competitions e.g The Member of The Month.
1.3. Offering to members new endgame achievements e.g:
- prestige ranks,
- team prestige,
- scoring system,
- forum titles,
- The Member of the Month,
- top gold donors.
1.4. Offering to members a lot of fun and chill time during events of 7 types:
- PvE,
- PvP,
- WvW,
- raids,
- role play,
- competition,
- Guild Career.
1.5. Bringing to members the feeling of belonging, proud and of a challenging competition basing mainly on:
- the "Teams System" defined in next points - connected to building smaller friendships groups inside of big guild in order to avoid feeling of "being a small unimportant dot" for those of members who don't feel well with the "lonely wolf life" which other members should also be able to find in the guild if that's what they crave more,
- the "Public Relations Politic" including advertisement in many forms e.g YouTube videos,
- The "Guild Career" - ranks system and connected to them events.
1.6. Respecting and enjoying "The FFF Rule" standing for friendship, feedback and fun which is understandable as a shortcut for:
- learning from mistakes,
- being elastic - adapting to players needs and trying as hard as we can to provide to our members what they crave e.g new forms of activities,
- being open for constructive criticism and actively reacting on it (changing and fixing mistakes if needed),
- appreciating cheerfull feedback and all support by trying to always improve, and to share with people even more positives,
- being fuuuuun, loving each other and not taking stuff too seriously even while writing down a proffesional, fancy organizational text, because we're playing here freaking game for stuff like chill, fun and socializing - not for creating some cold bullshit machine. <3

2. Ranks System.

2.1. Guild offers 10 ranks which includes:
- 5 "Fun Ranks" - for members who aren't bothered with responsibilities and
- 5 "Hardcore Ranks" - for members who are having even more fun while supporting the guild even more actively than others.

2.2. "Watcher" - a member not considered as an "official member" who didn;t past yet his "Third Brood Intiaition" and who's place in the guild is insecured until he'll decide that he enjoyes his stay in the guild and will past the initiation.
2.2.1. You can become a "Watcher" when all of followed situations are correct:
- the currently set up by guild maximum number of "Watchers" isn't reached,
- you want to join the guild (even if you aren't sure yet if you want to stay for good)
- you weren't before banished due to breaking "Respect Rules" defined by guild in next points (you may rejoin the guild if your banishemt was an effect of your long inactivity in game)
2.2.2. You can lose the rank of a "Watcher" (= be banished from the guild) after one or more of followed situations are correct:
- you haven't log in to game for at least a month without informing Queen or one of Prophets about your temporary inactivity,
- you've been on a rank of a "Watcher" for over a month and still refusing or not finding time to past your "Third Brood Initiation",
- you've broken "Respect Rules" defined by guild in next points.

2.3. "Third Brood" - the lowest out of "official members" rank - the youngest generation of Golden Broods, members who knows a bit about guild after passing their Third Brood Initiation, who have now account on forum and access to our Discord server.
2.3.1. You can become a "Third Brood" when all of followed situations are correct:
- the currently set up by guild maximum number of "Third Broods" isn't reached,
- you are on a rank of a "Watcher",
- you passed your Third Brood Initaition which includes learning about guild halls, learning about guild organization, registering on forum and getting access to Discord's server
2.3.2. You can lose the rank of a "Third Brood" (= be banished from the guild) after one or more of followed situations are correct:
- you haven't log in to game for at least 2 months without informing Queen or one of Prophets about your temporary inactivity,
- during your time on position of a "Third Brood" happened 3 or more "Second Broods Initaitions" and you still didn't recieve or refused the invitation to actively take part in this event
- you've broken "Respect Rules" defined by guild in next points.



3. Teams System.


You have to be on a rank of a "Third Brood" or higher to could be in a team
PvP Team which last game was over a month ago and which leader didn't inform about longer break from playing might be disbanded.
If you lose a teammate your team is disbanded, but team name is saved and only if 3 members from previous team group will be in new  created team then that team can retake the name. (The only situation in which some new people can take name of different past group is when members of that past group agree for it - they can even sell their epic name and proud if they want ;D )



4. "Respect Rules".


Queen runs Prophets, Prophets runs Mentors, Mentors do what they are best at - leading event on set up with Prophets time. Queen and Prophets keeps shit together. Including the promoting system which involves a lot of fun like special events connected to rank promotions. There's also super cool teams system. You get your friends, you don't feel like unimportant dot and you have a feeling of a challenge because of competition between teams.

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Guild Organization (including general rules)
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