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 Introduction to Golden Broods

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Joanna Banana
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Penguin Krewe

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PostSubject: Introduction to Golden Broods   Fri 08 Apr 2016, 05:20


"So your founder has boobs? Count me in!"

Golden Broods is a PvX (player versus everything), multinational (mainly European) and for now still a little bit casual (we're working on it) guild born in Guild Wars 2, supporting old veterans as well as those of people who just started playing yesterday. Guild is known the most from creating a specific rank system and exclusive way of reaching higher positions which is associated with a custom game mode - "Guild Career" what mostly brings attention of players complaining at end game.

No matter your age or experience - as long as roster isn't full, you may easily find yourself in Golden Broods with a rank of a Watcher who observes the guild and decides if he/she is interested enough to be more active or not. Once you find time to join "Third Broods Initiations" you can become an official guild's member after being guided there on your way to get Third Brood rank and taught how to use to the fullest what we have to offer for you. Before anyone can reach higher ranks we make out of him/her an experienced mature player (or we're making sure that he/she already is such).

As mentioned before: next to all the WvW, PvP, Dungeons, Role Playing, Socializing Games and other game modes, we also support the custom game mode which we call "Guild Career" - it gives you opportunity to climb on our ranks with excitement and a lot of fun, without necessary to take on your shoulders any guild tasks (depends on how much ambitious you are). While trying to become a member of higher Broods you'll have a chance to face exciting challenges and to discover a new way of having fun in Guild Wars 2.

We aim for being a guild which deserves to be called:
- friendly (we aren't all the time so serious as this text, I promise <3 ),
- open (we know how to listen, how to appreciate the feedback and how to make friends),
- elastic (adapting to players needs) and most of all
- extremely fun.

Now love us and join the guild, because we need your gold! Devil  EKHM. I mean... We want to support you (help you become or stay a pro) and to have even more fun - the more the merrier!  Group Hug With 6


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Introduction to Golden Broods
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