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 Is someone bored enough to make some banners?

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Penguin Krewe

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PostSubject: Is someone bored enough to make some banners?   Fri 25 Mar 2016, 23:12

Hi, guys!

I kind of made myself every single picture on this forum (including those silly blue buttons or golden lines), even tho I don't consider myself as anyone good at this kind of magic and the thing is - I guess I could as well create some adverts in form of pictures - banners, I mean.

Tho honestly I don't think that there's currently a big need for me to spend time on this little additional topic. Not for anyone actually. We'll think other time about advertising ourselves either on some allies pages or Guild Wars forums, maybe and such...

Yet! In case one day you'll want to put some nice banner of Golden Broods in your signature or whenever you want, then I'm making here right now open proposition for everyone to make such banners for us.

Are you bored and you enjoy playing with graphics? Make something and share it in this topic.

Here's Golden Broods' emblem in case you'd like to use it:

... with black background tho. Hehe. So, um... Have fun!  Mouse Girl 10

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- JP, Golden Broods

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Is someone bored enough to make some banners?
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