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 "What do you mean by business offers?"

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PostSubject: "What do you mean by business offers?"   Fri 25 Mar 2016, 13:05

Next to other features, Golden Broods aim to be friendly guild, but what's important here - not only for our own members. We're open for all kinds of cooperation with outsiders.

This can be everything: from guilds' alliance, recommending each other, sharing links and banners on our sites, to things like using in our page's design graphics or codes of (for example wanting to advertise themselves) freelancers.

If you have something interesting to offer us - you can make topic about it in this section.

Although of course this is just one of options. In case you don't feel alright with bunch of people seeing and deliberating your offer, you can as well turn directly to "boss":

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"What do you mean by business offers?"
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