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Category 1: Prime Organization (info about guild, feedback, competitions and forum maintenance)

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Prime Organization Sections

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1. Guild Initiative Headquarters

Guild Initiative Headquarters
Maintenance Zone_________________________> Enter <

___Guild Initiative is a fictional organization supporting guilds in Guild Wars 2. Here - on Golden Broods' forum - it represents topics connected to maintenance of this site and the guild itself.
___Guild Archives contains mainly rules, history and informative descriptions. In "Feedback polls and community competitions" you'll be able to express your feedback by just one click or to have an impact on results of competitions. You can ask any question or suggest something by creating a topic in "User's questions and propositions" and if you see some broken links or other forum's problems, please, make one in "Reporting forum's errors". Your topics in "Complaints" will also be fast spotted and carefully deliberate (please, use it for topics connected to general organization; if you have complaints toward specific person or group of people, then go to "Accusations" being part of Tribunal).
___As to "Basket" you'll find here recently closed and assumed not needed anymore topics (coming from most of forum's sections - excluding those available only for selected groups). They will be deleted when reaching their expiration time.

~ Guild Archives ~

~ Feedback polls and community competitions ~

~ Users' questions and propositions ~

~ Reporting forum's errors ~

~ Complaints ~

~ Basket ~


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avatarThe Member of July 2016
Wed 03 Aug 2016, 15:37
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2. Visitors' Beach

Visitors' Beach
Guests and Spectators Zone

___Visitors' Beach is a space, named by Golden Broods, located around portal in Gilded Hollow, which is connecting our guild hall with Tarir, the Forgotten City.
___Having an account on the forum isn't required to become a member of Golden Broods. Therefore if you want to contact us without registration, you can do it in this special zone, which is providing needed permissions for guests. Unlike to other sections, you can create here topics and posts without logging in.
___Feel free to register on forum as someone only interested in the guild, without being an actual member of Golden Broods (every new user automatically gets rank of "Spectator"). You're always welcome on the forum, even when roster of the guild is full or you don't play Guild Wars 2 yet (of course excluding only unusual situation in which user highly interfere with others' peace and therefore have to be banned from forum).

~ Guests' questions ~

~ Business offers ~

~ Spectators' comments ~

-> "I want to join the guild!"


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avatar"What do you mean by business ...
Fri 25 Mar 2016, 13:05
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3. Mine

Graphics Zone

___In game mine is one of first guild upgrades - it provides Aetherium, which is an important resource for further upgrading a guild hall.
___On forums like this more precious than some fictional Aetherium are fancy pictures representing real users. In this section you'll find nice people "mining" for each other pretty avatars or interesting signatures (aka space under your posts where you can put text, pictures, some animations etc.)
___Everyone are welcome to create a topic here - either with some open request to boost screenshot of your character or with offer to show off your graphic skills. Topics like "Sexy factory" (where you encourage users to make request for avatars made by you and such) are very much welcome!
___Also if you're a good graphic designer and one day you'll be bored (which of course will happen only when your internet connection will die, so you won't be able to enjoy Guild Wars), then it will be a great joy to see topics like: "I was bored, so I made my versions of sections' pictures - feel free to use them one day".

~ Requests for avatars and/or signatures ~

~ Offers of avatars and/or signatures ~

~ Banners ~

~ Forum's design ~


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avatarStar Labs
Sat 26 Mar 2016, 18:21
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4. Guild Portal

Guild Portal <-
Gold Hunters Zone

___Permission to use Guild Portal is additional symbolic ability given to Golden Broods' members with a rank of a Gold Hunter. Gold Hunters also known as pirates travel through Tyria and rob for our guild.
___Therefore Guild Portal is associated with Gold Hunters and serves as their gathering spot. Here - on our forum - it's also the name of section where you'll find information about Gold Hunters and where members of First Brood can ask for becoming a Gold Hunter.

~ Applying for Gold Hunter's rank ~

-> History of Guides and their recruits


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5. Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove
Guild's Finances Zone __________________ 7 _ 0 _ 0

___ Gold, gold, gold! Even more gold!
___ Treasure trove in guild hall is only the showy place where you can pretend to have a bath in all those decorative coins. Although there are upgrades allowing members to view and use Guild Vault accessible through many Guild Bankers across Tyria.
___ Golden Broods' financial strategy contains encouraging everyone, who is interested in development of our guild, to freely donate some coins either into Guild Stash (which later is recorded and coins are taken to main Treasure Trove by Prophets or the queen) or by using in-game mail (which also is recorded - never send gold to ranks lower than Prophet with intention to support the guild). All collected funds are used for improving fun of each person associated with Golden Broods. Competitions, giveaways, guild hall upgrades, crafting decorations, funding of commander's tags, changing servers... - there's a lot of reasons why investing into our guild can be a great decision.
___ In this section of the forum you can view history of Golden Broods' possessions which includes lists of donators and information about how generous they were.

~ Donors lists ~

-> History of financial goals

-> ''I want to financially support the guild, but I'm not a member''


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avatarDecorations Donations
Fri 27 May 2016, 18:12
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6. Tribunal

Justice Zone

___ Golden Broods supports "feedback political tactic". Rules aren't strict, but of course there are some things, which members can do and which can break trust toward them. That mainly includes cheating around financial topics or disrespectful behaviour.
___ Still - no matter what terrible thing you'll do (or you'll be accused of doing), we wouldn't feel alright with ourselves if we would deny you a chance to defend yourself. Therefore we created tribunal - a section on this forum where we can try to peacefully discuss every trouble of this kind. In order to prevent a crime from keep happening during our "lovely discussions": member of higher ranks, who is accused of something, temporary gets back on "pirate rank" - Gold Hunter, which locks all important permissions.
___ In game tribunal is space on northeast of guild hall, which we called that way ourselves and which is engaging spot for fans of role playing.

~ Accusations ~

~ Demands of changes in rules ~

~ Closed cases ~


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7. Suicide Bridge

Suicide Bridge
Suspended Members Zone

___The Suicide Bridge is another place named by the guild, which mainly serves as a section on forum. Here you can let us know that you won't be able to play Guild Wars 2 in nearest future (if you're member of First Brood or lower than that - you should report your absence only if it's going to be longer than a month).
___In case you're planning to stop playing the game for good you can also leave us here a goodbye message - which of course will encourage us to convince you to stay, haha, but don't worry! No pressure. Respect and all... <3

~ Reports of absence ~

~ Goodbyes of leaving members ~


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